The Ultra Wide Views 2009


Ultrawide, extra high resolution, high dynamic range, extended depth of field, and anything in-between.

These extraordinary images

Thanks to advances in software, much of it Open Source, artists can now push the boundaries of digital imaging beyond the physical constraints of their cameras and lenses. Expand the field of view up to the complete 360°x180°; blend high resolution mosaics of gigapixel resolution and beyond; stack images to achieve unequalled sharpness and depth of field or to extend the dynamic range to capture the full vibrance of the scene. It's a new experience for the audience.

Many people that give their time and skills for the progress of such Open Source graphics software will meet for the fourth annual Libre Graphics Meeting in Montréal, Canada, May 6 - 9.

As a token of recognition to their relentless progress and success we want to show our most impressive images made possible by their hard work.

This website is now open for submissions.


  • Print Exhibition: April 21. We'll try to fit in later print requests on a first come first served basis, without guarantee.
  • Projected Exhibition: May 3.


Photographers are given a choice to print and exhibit on canvas, photo paper, vynil, at large sizes and in high resolution. The prints will be shown to the public at the conference venue.

There will be two projecting installations, one with 14 projectors in a full 360° and one with multiple projectors generating a single super high definition display. We'll show a slide show, movies, and maybe even a live show.

On the web lower resolution (but still plenty to fill a computer display) versions are shown in the Gallery, where voting and comments will be activated soon.

Random Entry

City Oasis by Yuval Levy

The Software

This is a rather incomplete list of the Open Source software used to create ultra wide views. If you think something is missing, feel free to ping us via the contact form.

  • Hugin
  • Enblend-Enfuse
  • Panini Perspective Tool
  • Gimp
  • MathMap
  • Qtpfsgui
  • PFStools

That said, our intent is to promote art before technology. So no matter what software and what gear you use, your artwork is welcome. We'll have entries produced from single exposures with a slit camera and other artwork diverting from the mainstream.